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The most stressful part about moving house or office in the Mississauga area is finding a reliable, trustworthy office moving company to help you move. Choosing between commercial moving companies in Mississauga can feel like a coin toss because once they start packing or the payment is made, there is no going back. With Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son’s office movers, we understand the critical role we play in the moving process. We know just how much a smooth transition to your new residence can make settling in much more manageable and stress-free, saving you money.

Why You Should Choose Rent-a-Son’s Office Movers

Planning Office Move

1. We Prioritize Planning

Office moving services should be well planned with each detail taken into consideration. Whenever you decide to move, you can call us at our Mississauga Offices and go over the fine details with one of our moving coordinators. It would be helpful to write down any special requests you have for the move, so you do not leave anything out.

2. Our Team is Well-Trained and Trusted

When you hire Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son’s commercial movers, you get a well-trained and experienced team to help you move. Our team is well trusted and has achieved an excellent track record in offering the GTA’s best office moving services. Our client reviews and project results speak for themselves, backing our reputation.

Mississauga Movers Unloading Truck for Office
Our Long Distance Moving Services are Customized

3. Our Services Are Customized

Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son’s office movers understand that each office and commercial building has unique needs when moving. Each of our clients gets strictly customized commercial moving services pre-planned and executed without any mishap. Our well-trained team handles each office item as if it belonged to them. Each office move starts and ends with meticulous care. In addition, we back our customized moving services with detailed records so nothing can go missing during the move. On infrequent occasions, if an item is damaged or goes missing during one of our moves, we are always more than happy to replace the item.

4. We Handle All Moves with Meticulous Care and Detailed Attention

Office movers must always work with sharp detail to each item they load onto the moving truck. They must consider all possible commercial moving risks and make active amendments to mitigate them. The care we show your furniture and equipment has contributed to our impeccable reputation in Mississauga and Toronto.

Commercial Packing Services
Two Men Moving Office in Mississauga

5. Our Team Implements Organizing Strategies for an Easy Set-Up

An unorganized move is a red flag for any company looking for a business moving company. The disorder can lead to confusion, loss of items, and even damaging valuable items. At Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son, we have, over the years, invented unique organizing strategies which we implement as we see fit depending on the office’s moving needs. Thanks to these strategies, you can count on a fast and smooth moving experience.

6. Time is of the Essence

With our Mississauga office movers, we believe in keeping time by strictly following the set schedule. On Occasion, we do run into traffic when moving your office furniture. We will give you a call in such circumstances and let you know that we might be late explaining the reason why. Our meticulous timekeeping skills are why we are the most trusted and reliable commercial movers near you. Pre-planning and organization strategies are at the core of our impressive timekeeping; our team works like a well-oiled machine.

Two Men Moving Boxes
Extra Services by Mississauga Movers

7. We Offer Supplementary Services

Apart from getting you moved, we also offer storage services, packing, unpacking, furniture building, and installation. If you are looking for office furniture movers you can trust, then Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son are a local moving company you can trust.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out

If you find yourself asking, “how much do commercial movers cost in Toronto and Mississauga?” you can request an estimate and get the fairest prices for office furniture movers in the Mississauga area. We look forward to getting you moved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, we are flexible with schedules, allowing you to move at the most convenient times for you. Weekend moves have the added advantage that there’s no peak-hour traffic to fight through. To make sure we offer evening and weekend moves in your area, speak to a member of our team.

Yes, our movers pack and unpack items as per your instructions. We bring a wide range of specialized packing materials, allowing us to reduce the risk of damage to your articles. Our team also offers furniture disassembly and assembly services, meaning you don’t have to waste time trying to put everything back together.

As a full-service moving company, Rent-a-Son offers comprehensive moving support, including for:

  • Assembling and disassembling furniture.
  • Packing office equipment.
  • Packing paperwork and stationary.
  • Coordinating the move with the property manager.

From start to finish, you will work with a professional team that’s here to make your move a success.

Start by designating a key person who will be handling the move; they will delegate tasks, coordinate with our movers, prepare a checklist of things to do, and ensure safety. Prepare a budget, too, so you can prevent costs from spiraling out of control. Finally, get input from your team about running the move; you’ll be surprised at how many little things there are to think about.

The first thing to do before planning an office move is checking when your lease is ending. We advise preparing for the move six months or so in advance, which should give you enough time to chalk out the move. If you have enough time to plan and execute, it can make for a much smoother move.

Let’s be honest—you’ll move when your lease needs you to. The summer period tends to be a little more hectic because everyone tries to take of the pleasant moving weather. Winter moves are, usually, easier to schedule because of the relatively fewer moves; that said, snow and ice do slow down the move.

We do indeed! Our movers dispose of recyclable packing materials, and we can even recycle office furniture (if it is suitable to be recycled). We always leave behind a clean space, and tidy up the area. That means less work for you once the move is complete.

Yes, we are experienced at moving company warehouses, including equipment, machinery, stock, documents, and more. Rent-a-Son is the go-to moving partner for some of Canada’s biggest businesses, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Mirvish, Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation, and Molson Coors.

We try our utmost to keep sensitive information and documents safe through features such as:

  • Extensive mover training.
  • Locking trucks.
  • Secure storage facilities.
  • GPS-traceable trucks.

That said, if your information is extremely valuable, it’s advisable that you transport it yourself. For special moving requests, speak to a member of our team.

Moving expenses are usually deductible from business income for tax purposes, though it’s best if you speak to your accountants about it. Note that there may be certain eligibility conditions you need to fulfill before moving expenses can be deducted from tax.

Our team is always happy to provide documentation pertaining to your move, so feel free to speak to us.