How We Protect and Prepare Your Home for a Move

Residential Movers

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Given how busy this subreddit is, it’s pretty telling how much damage people can cause accidents when they try to DIY their move. To be fair, some Mississauga movers don’t do such a great job of protecting your home sometimes, either.

That is why our residential movers and condo movers at Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son go the extra mile to prepare and protect your home. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways we prepare and protect your home for a move.

Measuring Larger Items Before Moving Them

One stitch in time saves nine—that is why our local movers take the time to measure items with a tape measure to make sure they’ll get through the doorway. That saves the tears and swearing of jamming your priceless family piano (and anything else large) in the doorway.

Protecting Doors

This will sound obvious, but that 3-inch wedge to keep the doors open goes a long way to prevent scratches on doors. Scratched doors are a particularly big concern when moving in or out of a condo, and you will appreciate that the front door is not bumped open every time someone comes in.

Protecting Flooring and Carpeting

Flooring may seem like the most durable thing, but you will be surprised at how easy it is to scratch flooring or rip carpets (unless you have children or pets, in which case you already know). We will lay down thick drop sheets, plastic sheets, and cardboard boxes to prevent flooring from getting damaged by boxes and furniture.

Our moving services also use dollies to lift the heaviest items off the ground and minimize the risk of scratching and ripping.

Wrapping Corners and Edges

Let us be honest—no matter how careful you are, there will always be that one thing that bumps into the wall. That is why our moving company in Mississauga takes care to wrap sharp corners and edges on things like furniture to stop them from damaging walls, doors, and windows.

Covering Railings and Banisters

It is always fun watching Ross scream “Pivot!” on Friends, but we feel sorry for the railings that take such a beating. If you are moving something bulky up and down stairs, we may cover the railings to reduce the risk of scratching.

Our Mississauga Movers Bring a Rock-Solid Attitude

You often make mistakes when you rush through something; our residential movers and commercial movers know this. That’s why we plan ahead to make sure the move isn’t rushed, which goes a long way to minimizing the risk of damage to your home.

Our Condo Movers Speak to the Concierge

Moving condos should be simpler because they are smaller than houses, but condo buildings can be tough places to navigate. This is why our local movers take a few moments to understand if there is anything we need to be careful about. Sometimes, we will even point out fragile building trim, such as mirrors in elevators, that should be padded before the move.

“Friendly, Professional, Fast, Careful” Mississauga Movers

Those are not our words; that is what our customers have to say about our moving company in Mississauga. Worried about damage to your home or condo during the move? Talk to our moving services at Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son about your concerns, find out what we can do to soothe your worries, and make your move effortless. You can call us at 416-913-9021 or contact us online.