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Long-Distance Movers in Mississauga You Can Trust

Are you moving in Mississauga or the Greater Toronto Area? Our team at Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son is committed to helping you through the long distance professional moving service. With years of experience and a long-standing trustworthy reputation in our community, our experts have the skill and diligence to ensure your personal belongings are moved on schedule with efficiency and care.

Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son Makes a World of Difference

We take pride in our years of experience because it truly allows us to understand the stress of moving. For this reason, we offer a competitive long-distance moving cost in Mississauga and a variety of helpful services, like packing and unpacking, furniture assembly services, and storage units. Our Moving Coordinators work with you to create plans ahead of time so that our teams can efficiently provide loading and unloading services to reduce your stress during the moving process.

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Our Moving Crews Care

We respect your belongings and your time. When we dispatch a moving truck from one of our depots, we work to arrive on time as often as possible and inform you of traffic delays when we can’t. Our professionals respect your time and your wallet, and with upfront and transparent pricing, you won’t have to worry about hidden costs. We make it a priority to tailor your experience to your needs, all while offering the politeness and helpful information you deserve throughout the entire process.

Our uniformed long-distance movers carefully load your items onto our trucks, providing protective pads and bubble wrap to make sure your items are completely safe for the duration of the move. We can further tailor our procedures to all types of moves, although we are a long distance moving company, we offer local and commercial moving.

How Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son Stands Out from the Rest

There’s plenty of movers to choose from, but we have our outstanding reputation for a reason. When you read our reviews, it’s easy to see why. As a locally owned and operated company with upfront pricing, we train our movers with all the skills they need to make your move extraordinary.

  • Long-Distance Moving: Wherever you’re moving, we specialize in getting you there. Our professional movers take due diligence in keeping your belongings safe along the way, offering the same excellent service for every customer.
  • Storage Units: Our experience with long-distance moves shows that they tend to require storage along the way. Our storage facilities will provide you, your family, or your business with a secure place for all your storage needs.
  • Furniture Assembly Services: For those moving furniture, we offer furniture assembly and moving services. Our movers are extensively trained in furniture assembly and installation, and can safely transfer your furniture and assemble it with ease.
  • Packing and Unpacking: For those who need assistance packing their belongings, we provide a packing and unpacking service to help you settle into your new home.
  • Load and Unloading Services: If you’ve already secured transportation, we’re happy to load your boxes and furniture into the provided vehicle. Using protective tools like straps and padding, we will ensure your items are moved safely.
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Our Long Distance Moving Services are Customized

Choose the Best Long Distance Moving Company

If you’re ready to move with the expert crews at Mississauga Movers, we’re ready to help! We’re committed to satisfying every customer, and intend to make your long distance moving experience one you can smile about. Call to request an estimate today, and one of our expert moving coordinators will help examine the details of your move and establish an accurate estimate for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local moves are usually within a 70 km radius of your location, while long-distance moves can be coast-to-coast, for example from Toronto to Vancouver. Unlike local moves, long-distance moves need more planning with regard to drivers, vehicles, permits, and scheduling. While local moves are priced by the hour, long-distance moves tend to be priced by weight.

Long-distance moves are often calculated on the basis of the load, usually in terms of weight. If there are special circumstances involved, such as statutory holidays or out-of-the way moves, the cost may be higher. Since long-distance moves are based on weight, you don’t have to worry about hourly costs or how much you are moving.

Though there isn’t a clear definition for a long-distance move, anything over 100 kms may be considered long distance. Long-distance moves tend to involve moving between cities, between provinces, or even cross-border between Canada and the U.S.

Not sure if your move is long distance? Tell us about your move and find out if yours is a local or long-distance move.

A 200-mile (or longer) move will be considered a long-distance move. If your move involves changing between different cities or across provinces, it will almost definitely be considered a long-distance move. Though long-distance moves can seem more expensive than local ones, they do offer the advantage of paying for the load by weight, rather than on an hourly basis.

Absolutely! Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars renting a U-Haul, loading and unloading your things by yourself, and driving thousands of kilometers in sometimes inclement weather, hiring long-distance movers definitely makes sense!

Here’s something most people forget—since we are a licensed and insured company, your belongings are safer with us in the event there is a collision or a weather delay.

Perishable items, such as food, flammables like gasoline and paint thinner, chemicals, pressurized tanks, and high-value items like jewelry should not be moved long distances. In fact, it’s likely your movers will refuse to move the items because they pose a health, safety, and hygiene risk. Even transporting plants long distance is inadvisable, as the weather differences and infrequent watering can cause them to die (not to mention, they may not be allowed cross-border).

That’s a very tough question to answer without knowing how much (in weight, not in quantity) you want to move. An 800-mile move can cost you anywhere from $2,200 to over $ 6,000. The exact cost of the move will depend on:

  • The weight of the cargo to be moved.
  • How many people are involved in the move?
  • The specific distance involved.
  • Any special conditions.

Pets, perishables, flammables, hazardous materials, and high-value items are best not left with movers, including, for example:

  • Food items
  • Heirlooms
  • Scuba gear
  • Plants
  • Gasoline
  • Chemicals
  • Weed killer

If you’re not sure whether your item(s) can be transported or not, then talk to us. We may even be able to suggest more cost-effective options for items that we cannot transport.

Just because we make it look easy doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the load! As a general rule of thumb, individual boxes should be less than 25 kilos or 50 pounds in weight. Any more than that and you risk handles breaking off and items getting damaged.

Here’s a quick tip: divide the space in every box for heavy and lighter items to maximize space utilization and maintain weight.

Here are the top five questions you definitely should ask your long-distance movers:

  • Do you provide a written quote (and contract)?
  • What insurance do you offer?
  • Do you offer guaranteed delivery timelines?
  • Can I make changes to my delivery before the movers reach the destination?

Take advantage of complimentary initial consultations to make sure the long-distance movers are the right fit for you.