Movers Near Erin Mills


Are you moving and have no idea how to handle the process? Are you busy and wondering how to go about it? Moving can be overwhelming but when you work with one of the best movers companies out there, it can be easy and exciting. Rent-a-Son is one of the best movers near you and we offer solutions according to your moving needs. We help you from the start to the end through our well-coordinated moving process.


Moving involves assessing your needs and the items that you have. As you evaluate moving companies near you, it’s important to choose the one that suits you. Are you looking for reliable short or long-distance residential moving companies? Rent-a-son gives you an opportunity to talk to one of our coordinators, who will help you to make and execute a moving plan. We offer services tailored to your needs thus making the process smooth for all our customers.


It is important to have an experienced and trustworthy team of packers and movers assigned to you. This makes it easy to handle all the moving procedures promptly from the start to the end. You also want to ensure that your furniture is packaged properly by having one of the best furniture movers. Our moving helpers are highly skilled, friendly and easy to work with, making rent-a-son one of the best local movers in Erin Mills.
Professional Team of Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son


Any person who is moving expects to have his or her items the same way they were before moving. It’s frustrating to reach your destination with broken utensils or damaged furniture. A moving company should ensure that all items are packaged and handled with care. We use the right packaging materials and the right movers’ trucks to ferry your goods. This ensures that there are no damages throughout the whole process.


Keeping time is essential when you are moving as you want to settle in Erin Mills on time. How would you feel when you have to wait for so long before the moving process starts and there is no word from the company? You may have wanted to reach by daytime but you end up reaching at night and this is not a good experience. In case of traffic snarl-ups or any other issue, there should be ultimate communication from the company. By getting one of the best Erin Mills movers, you are assured of reaching your destination on time. Our crew will always update you on their whereabouts and inform you in case of anything along the way.

Storage Services


Are you looking for a moving and storage facility for your large or small items? Rent-a-son has a solution for you. We have climate-controlled storage units, where all your items will be stored safely. Details of all the items that you store with us are recorded by our crew and the data is stored for reference during the moving day. Wrapping is also done depending on the nature of your items. Our warehouse is under alarmed video surveillance and has no public access. You can be assured of 24-hour security for your items.


You have successfully moved to Erin Mills. You may now want to catch up with a football match before you get to bed but the television is not yet installed. You are busy or tired but your furniture needs to be reassembled. When you choose a Rent-a-Son mover service in Erin Mills you will have an option to choose further services after moving. These may include packing/unpacking, furniture building, and so on.
Custom Boxes for Home Moving Use


Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Having a smooth move means choosing the right company. Rent-a-son is an award-winning and reliable moving services company offering services tailored for your moving needs. If you’re wondering how much Erin Mills movers cost, we have the right crew to help you move to your destination. Kindly contact us to request an estimate by filling out our contact form or give us a call at (647) 931-2154 to get started. We look forward to working with you.