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Are you in need of a moving company in Mississauga? Look no further than Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son. We’re the premier moving company in the southern Etobicoke area and one of the most trusted names in the industry.

At Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son, we’ve been helping people move for years and we’re dedicated to making your move as simple as possible. We offer moving procedures customized to all types of moves from commercial to long-distance moves.

As the best Mississauga movers, our goal is to make sure our customers get the best service possible—and that means providing them with a full range of moving services for every type of move they might need.

Our team works hard to make sure that every customer has an excellent experience with us. We don’t just want you to be satisfied—we want you to tell everyone about it!


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    At Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son, we believe that moving should be easy. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line services at reasonable prices with an emphasis on care, quality, and efficiency. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, we can help.

    Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son has developed the best strategies for moving in the area. Whether you intend to move a small storage unit or your entire home, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of our efficiency and attention to detail.

    No matter the move, our professionals will ensure that the process is easy and affordable. Our experienced crew is highly proficient at packing, moving, and unpacking without any snags, and our moving coordinators will work hard to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

    Whether you’re planning a local move or are searching for a long-distance moving company, you can rely on your Mississauga Movers team. Moving is a stressful process, and our goal is to make it simple. Call to request an estimate today, and you can speak to one of our moving coordinators to establish a tailored moving plan.

    Easy, Safe, and Stress-free Moving

    Easy, Safe, and Stress-free Moving

    Getting ready to move into your new place? We’ll make it easy.

    We know how stressful it is to move—you’ve got so much to think about:

    • How much stuff you can fit in your new space
    • What your budget will allow
    • Whether you have time to pack everything yourself
    • If you need professional help
    • …the list goes on and on

    This ongoing list is why we offer a range of services to help you get through your next move without breaking a sweat. Whether you need furniture movers or packers and movers in Mississauga, we can help. We take pride in our professionalism, reliability, and dedication to customer service.

    Our Moving Services Are Tailored To Your Needs

    Our team at Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son understands that every move is different. Whether you’re looking for commercial movers, residential movers, or even piano movers, we’re dedicated to providing the special care and attention necessary to make your move as stress-free as it can be.

    Luckily, providing attentive care in our moving services is the foundation of what we do. We will tailor our plan to your moving needs, and even provide services like packing, unpacking, furniture assembly services, and more.

    When you choose us for your next move, you’ll find yourself among an increasing number of satisfied customers. We treat your possessions as if they were our own, working with care and caution from the beginning to the end of the process.

    Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son
    Full Service Moving Company

    Your #1 Choice for Moving in the Mississauga Area

    When you’re in the market for a moving company, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices. And with so many moving companies near you, it can be difficult to tell which one is right for you.

    Here is why residents in the Mississauga area choose us.

    If you’re looking for local movers in Mississauga, we’re more than happy to help. Due to our years of experience in providing top-quality moving services and satisfying customers, our team is known as one of the most trustworthy and reliable teams around.

    Best of all, there’s no need to worry about any surprises during the process. After calling for an estimate on your move, one of our moving coordinators will work with you to establish a detailed moving plan, ensuring there are no bumps in the process.

    The Mississauga Movers Difference

    As a leader in the moving industry, we understand how important it is to find a company you can trust with your valuables. You want someone who will take care of what’s most important to you, and we believe that’s exactly what we do

    Here is what sets us apart:

    • We offer customized moving procedures to suit all of your needs, including commercial moves and long-distance moves.
    • Our team has years of experience in the Mississauga area and is trusted by countless families to move their most prized possessions with care and respect.
    • We take advantage of our size to offer competitive rates while still providing the quality service you deserve.
    • We take advantage of our size to offer competitive rates while still providing the quality service you deserve.
    • Our focus is on getting you organized as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your new space—and we’ll do it with a smile on our faces!

    At Mississauga Movers, customer satisfaction is our priority. For this reason, every team member you’ll work with is an experienced professional dedicated to making our company the best storage moving company around — and with that dedication comes incredible service.

    Whether you’re looking for a basic move or intend to utilize services like packing and unpacking, we share the same goal: to have a quick, quality, and stress-free moving experience. We respect your time, and maintain a high standard of timeliness and consistency. If traffic delays impact our movers, we’ll call you as soon as possible to let you know.

    Mississauga Movers Difference


    Looking for movers near you? we’ve got you covered.

    At Mississauga Movers by Rent-a-Son, we’re committed to providing you with the best moving experience possible. That’s why we offer a variety of services at competitive prices and treat every move as if it were our own.

    Whether your move is local or long-distance, you can count on us to give you the same level of care and attention. We’ll work with you to develop a custom plan that fits both your budget and your schedule, so you can get on with life. So what are you waiting for? Request an estimate today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A full-service mover, like we are, will help you pack, move, and unpack from start to finish. Our movers will help:

    • Disassemble and assemble furniture.
    • Pack household items into boxes (even fragile items).
    • Label items and boxes.
    • Load and unload them from the truck.
    • Move items to the new location.
    • Place items where you want at the new location.

    The cost of movers in Toronto depends on:

    • The number and weight of items you are moving.
    • How far you are moving.
    • How complex the move will be (e.g., how long the move is expected to take).

    Very broadly, moving from a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto can cost around $600 (and take about 4-6 hours), while a large home can cost more than $2,000. No two moves are the same, and you should get a quote from your moving company to avoid surprises.

    Tipping is strictly discretionary, and we don’t expect you to tip our movers (though a tip of the hat for a move well done is always appreciated). Typically, tips range between $50 to $100 per mover for every day of work, or if you prefer, you can go by 15%-20% of the total move amount.

    No, you do not need to be personally present either during pick-up or delivery. However, you will have to make arrangements so that the movers have free access to both premises. If the movers have to wait for you to arrive at either of the locations, you may be charged for the additional time taken.

    That’s our line! We know that moves can be stressful, which is why our friendly, professional team is here to accommodate your needs.

    That said, you can make the move faster and easier by:

    • Disassembling larger pieces of furniture.
    • Clearing up clutter.
    • Packing smaller items into boxes.
    • Preparing fragile items (such as glassware and electronics) for the move.

    There are a few items that the movers will not pack (and may not be permitted to transport), such as:

    • Hazardous and flammable materials like paint, gasoline, large batteries, and chemicals.
    • Food items such as meats, produce, and cooked foods.
    • Pressurized tanks, such as for scuba diving and medical use.
    • High-value items like family heirlooms and jewelry.
    • Plants, if you are moving across provinces.
    • Fireworks, firearms, and ammunition.

    If there is anything specific that you are concerned about, then speak to our team.

    We’ll usually just pack up the drawers as they are, saving you effort and hassle. That said, our movers can pack clothes into boxes and plastic wraps specifically for hanging clothing. The most wrinkle-free option may be for you to prepare clothes for moving beforehand (and it may be more cost-effective for you, too, since additional moving time is chargeable).

    Research, research, research! Speak to friends and family, get quotes from multiple companies, check online reviews, and find a licensed company for your move. If you are moving cross-border (across provinces or to the U.S.), don’t forget to ask if they have experience with these kinds of moves.

    And here’s a not-so-subtle pitch: Rent-a-Son is BBB and CAM registered, we are Best of HomeStars winners and have over 900 reviews on Google and Facebook!

    That’s a tough question to answer without knowing how much you want to move and how far. Just for illustration, a 600-sq.ft. one-bedroom apartment can usually be loaded up in just a couple of hours, while a large 2,200-sq.ft. house may take an entire day to load up (depending on how much packing is needed and how complex the move is).

    The move itself depends entirely on how you are moving. For example, moving from Toronto to Halifax can take a couple of days, while Toronto to Vancouver can take more than 10 days.

    Weekends are typically the busiest time for movers because that’s when everyone wants to move, so the bigger concern for you will be “Is a mover available over the weekend?” Professional movers like us don’t usually charge extra for a weekend move, except for statutory holidays and special occasions like Christmas. However, don’t be surprised if the mover you found on Kijiji hikes their rates for the weekend rush.

    Check our availability and save yourself money and hassle by booking us well in advance of a weekend move.